The Red Pump Project closed its doors.

105 Bloggers are Rocking the Red Pump!

Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and there’s a whole lot of talking and educating happening all over the country in honor. Luvvie and I each have our own reasons for fighting AIDS, but most importantly, we simply agree that something has to be done. I mean, if we could just encourage women to talk about it and educate themselves and others, we’d be making a difference.

That’s how The Red Pump Project was born…Out of our desire to make a difference and ask others to do the same. When we put out the call for bloggers to join our cause, we hoped that we’d get a great response, but never really imagined something like this! 95 bloggers contacted us and asked what they could do to help! Our goal was 100, so believe us when we say “Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!” You can find a list of the participating bloggers in the right sidebar.

Edit: As you see up top, we are at 105 bloggers Rocking the Red Pump. We’ve been getting emails all day with new people signing up and we are so excited!

The Red Pump Project will be an ongoing effort and a resource for information about HIV/AIDS and its effect on women. So subscribe to the page so you can continue to get information on the happenings. You can reach us at redpumpproj[email protected]

Don’t forget…
*There are two Red Pump happy hours happening in Chicago and Kansas City! You can also visit the National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day website to find events happening in your area.
*If you are wearing red pumps in honor of today, you can upload your pics to our Flickr group!
Thanks again for all your support…It’s greatly appreciated!
Luvvie & Karyn
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