The Red Pump Project closed its doors.

The Red Pump Events

On March 10th, we want people to come together to network, socialize, and raise funds and awareness about the effect of AIDS on women and girls. So far, there are two Red Pump Happy Hours going on so far. Some bloggers around the country have hit us up saying they are planning their own Red Pump Happy Hour. Email us (redpumpproject at gmail dot come) with the details of your own March 10th event, and we will post it here.

Also, visit the National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Events Page for a listing of events from all over the country. 

The Red Pump Happy Hours 
Chicago, IL

Plush Restaurant & Lounge
1104 W. Madison
6:30 – 9pm
Facebook Event Page

Hosted by Karyn & Luvvie

Kansas City, MO

The Bulldog
1715 Main St.
5:30 – 8pm

Hosted by GlamStarr

Come join us if you are in either one of these cities in your Red Pump (or Red shirt for guys)

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