The Red Pump Project closed its doors.

Red Pump Project Updates

We’ve been busy bees since the last time we sent out updates, so we want to bring you up to speed on a few things.

Design for the Cure

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Junior Board is having its annual Design for the Cure Fashion Show today from 7pm – 10pm. It’s in commemoration of National HIV Testing Day (which is June 17th). I will be in attendance.

Dining Out For Life

The fourth Thursday of April marks Dining Out For Life®, an annual event to raise money towards the fight against HIV/AIDS. Participating restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds an AIDS organization located in their city.

This year’s event was on April 30th, and we got together a small group of Red Pump Supporters in Chicago for a dinner at Carnivale Restaurant. Karyn did a recap of the dinner over at her blog. Check it out.

2nd Row (L to R) – The Sassy Peach, Six Twenty Seven
Not Pictured – Sexy and the Chi


We are looking for ambassadors to represent The Red Pump Project in various cities across the country. Some of the responsibilities include helping us identify HIV/AIDS organizations in their area, expanding the “Rock the Red Pump” campaign by getting more bloggers to display the widget on their page, and hosting one of the many Happy Hours that will be happening next year on March 10th around the nation. We currently have at least one ambassador in the following cities: New York, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Dallas, Charlotte, Indianapolis and Washington DC, Tucson, Baltimore. If you would like to become an ambassador for your city, please shoot us an email and we will give you further details. Our email: redpumpproject (at) gmail dot com.


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