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Red Pump Ambassadors

We are looking for ambassadors to represent The Red Pump Project in various cities across the country. We now have 40 ambassadors in 20 states. Our goal is to have an ambassador in every state before the end of the year, so if you would like to become an ambassador for your city, please shoot us an email and we will give you further details.

Red Pump ambassadors are official representatives of The Red Pump Project and are charged with doing work that represents our brand. Responsibilities include identifying organizations in your city committed to HIV/AIDS, particularly those with specific programs assisting women and girls. Ambassadors will also be asked to commemorate major HIV/AIDS awareness days throughout the year with events, fundraisers and/or testing drives.

Red Pump ambassador responsibilities aren’t limited to the tasks above. If your time permits and you choose to participate in more activities or host more events, we support your endeavors. We just ask that you keep us in the loop!
If you’re interested in becoming a Red Pump Ambassador, email us at ambassadors (at) and we will send you more information.
A map of where there are Red Pump Ambassadors around the country

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