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My Passion For People, My Love For Red Pump!

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a health crisis in Black America. African Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population but represent 49% of all AIDS cases. African-American women comprise nearly 70% of women who are newly diagnosed with HIV, and African American men are 44% of new HIV diagnoses. The death rate for AIDS is seven times higher for African American men and 23 times higher among African American women compared to their white counterparts. While it strikes men and women of all ages, it is the No. 1 killer of African-American women.

After discovering such heartbreaking statistics, the only thought that raced through my mind is that “My People Are Dying”. My people are dying over a deadly disease that can be prevented. The rates at which African American men and women are being infected are continuously on the rise. I know that many people are aware of HIV/AIDS, but maybe many people aren’t as knowledgeable about the severity of prevention methods or how the virus can be spread. I refuse to ignore these alarming discoveries and watch people of all cultures die. Until a cure for this horrific disease is created, the best way to save lives is to acknowledge the disease, find ways to educate people of all socio-economical backgrounds, ages, and cultures, empower women, and stress the importance of responsible/safe sexual activity.

When I met Luvvie and Karyn, the two beautiful, intelligent, driven, and talented young ladies that created The Red Pump Project, I immediately became inspired by their efforts and there passion for saving the lives of others. I knew that Red Pump was definitely an Initiative that I wanted to help grow and succeed in its mission to make this world a healthier place by discussing HIV/AIDS related issues, educating individuals across America about HIV/AIDS and most importantly to empower our women to take a stand for their sexual health. After expressing my eagerness to work with Red Pump and offering my assistance, I quickly accepted a position as The Red Pump Blog Manager. As the New blog manager I am committing to providing the most current, accurate, educational, and empowering material possible. I am absolutely overjoyed at being a new member of Team Red Pump and will do my best to represent The Red Pump Project and its mission to the best of my ability. I hope that my genuine passion for people and my love for the Red Pump Project will shine through my work and service. I’m looking forward to every new experience that this journey will bring and interacting with all of you. Thanks So Much For your Time!

Go Team Red Pump!
Jenna Marie Christian
[email protected]

A Little about Jenna Marie Christian:

Jenna Marie Christian was born and raised on the West side of Chicago. She is the daughter of Blues Singer Little Johnny Christian. Jenna Marie works as a full time Financial Associate, but aspires to motivate others through her writings. At the age of 25 Jenna self published her 1st book “You Broke My Heart, Now Go to Hell” after surviving a difficult break up. She decided to use her personal experiences as a guide for young women to cope, survive, and thrive while dealing with a troubled relationship. Find our more about Jenna Marie Christian by visiting her website and checking out her blog

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