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Red Pumps of the Week

When TLC’s T-Boz made a guest appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I immediately thought of their best album to date, CrazySexyCool. Then, I thought that would be a perfect theme for my next 3 posts for the Red Pumps of the Week.

So, this week I will start with the “Crazy”. Now, these shoes are not ones that will make people say, “she is crazy for wearing those” but instead will provoke others to say, “the design of those shoes are craziness”!

For the budget conscious, I have the Catty Shoe by Velvet Angels (above) which is available at for $110. What is the “crazy” aspect, you ask? Well, it is the gold bullet housed in the back of the shoe. Craziness!

And for the budget-less, I present to you the Balmain Suede Buckled Ankle Boot (below) which is available at Net-a-Porter for a whopping $1,195! The multiple buckles are a bit reminiscent of a straight jacket. And if that isn’t “crazy”, I don’t know what is.

They always say there is a thin line between genius and crazy. So, let’s just say these shoes are PURE genius. OK?



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