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Organization Spotlight: Minority AIDS Project

by Sandra Davis

Do you have a favorite outfit or pair of shoes? Yeah, you do. That perfect outfit that complements your flaming red pumps. Now, answer this question: Do you have a favorite HIV/AIDS organization? An organization whose mission it is to eradicate and/or alleviate the suffering caused by HIV and AIDS.

As Red Pump Fashionistas (fashionistas who support the fight against HIV/AIDS), we should know and bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS organizations that are in our communities. I will be profiling a different organization that fights the spread of HIV/AIDS.


Do you know your HIV/AIDS organization heritage?

Clue #1: What is the oldest faith-based HIV/AIDS organization?
Clue #2: What was the first community based HIV/AIDS organization instituted and directed by people of color in the United States?

If you said the Minority AIDS Project (MAP), then you are right.

Minority AIDS Project (MAP)

Twenty-four years ago, Unity Fellowship Church under the visionary leadership of Archbishop Carl Bean created the Minority AIDS Project (MAP) in Los Angeles, California. Today, MAP is led by Executive Director Victor P. McKamie, M.P.A., who is trying to curb the shocking statistic of HIV infection among women of color by creating an outreach program targeting this high-risk group. From the beginning the Minority AIDS Project mission has been: To reduce suffering and deaths due to HIV infection and AIDS disease in the African American and Latino communities by making HIV/AIDS education and related health services available and accessible.

A true testament to the Minority AIDS Project’s pledge to continue to work towards removing the psychosocial barriers for people of color when seeking HIV/AIDS education and treatment services, are the over 250,000 people who have been positively impacted by the HIV/AIDS prevention education, testing and counseling services at MAP.

These are just a few of the services that the Minority AIDS Project lists on its website:

● HIV Testing & Counseling

● Health Education & Prevention

● Case Management

● Transitional Case Management

● Treatment Adherence

● Housing

● Psychological Support Services

● Needle Exchange

● Prevention for Positives

● Medical & Social Service Referral

● Emergency Food

To support or get more information, please visit the Minority AIDS Project website


About Sandra

Sandra Davis is a marketing communications professional and health educator, who is concerned about the health and well-being of women of color. Ms. Davis dons her red pumps to support her fellow sisters in the struggle against ignorance and HIV/AIDS. To have your HIV/AIDS organization featured please email Sandra at: [email protected]

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