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Organization Spotlight: Afiya Center for HIV Prevention & Reproductive Justice

by Sandra Davis

Clue #1: Sesa Wo Suban, the West African Adinkra symbol above represents life transformation, is the logo for what Dallas, Texas based HIV/AIDS Organization?

Clue #2: This organization name comes from the feminine word in Swahili for health and wellness?

If you said the Afiya Center for HIV Prevention & Reproductive Justice, then you are right.

The Afiya Center for HIV Prevention & Reproductive Justice

Co-Founders Marsha Jones and Mukamtagara Jendayi (La Cisha Crear), created the Afiya Center for HIV Prevention & Reproductive Justice: To educate, engender, and empower women, youth, families, and communities of African descent and other marginalized people infected and affected around HIV Prevention & Reproductive Justice and transform their conception and management of their reproductive health and wellness to one that promotes self efficacy and wholeness.

“The brokenness and separation among women of color stems from the fact that we have stopped sharing our stories with each other and to our younger generations,” says Jones. The Afiya Center for HIV Prevention & Reproductive Justice has developed several discussion groups reminiscent of quilting circles; to establish connections between women and breakdown the barriers of sexism, racism and lack of self-worth that disconnects women from their power, and leads to the disproportionately high rate of HIV/AIDS infection within the minority population.

To address the needs of women, youth and HIV/AIDS infected persons the Afiya Center has committed itself to fostering groups that generate whole dialogues about life-transforming topics:

* SISTA (Sistas Informing Sistas on Topics about AIDS)SISTA is a group level, gender and culturally relevant intervention designed to decrease risk among African American females for HIV & other STDs. Five peer led group sessions focused on ethnic & gender pride, HIV knowledge, sexual risk reduction, and positive decision making. Based on Social Learning Theory & Theory of Gender & Power

* FOY (Focus On Youth with “Impact”)

FOYI is a community-based, eight session group intervention that provides youth with positive decision making skills and knowledge to protect themselves from HIV & other STDs. Founded on the Protection Motivation Theory uses fun interactive activities such as games, role plays, and discussions to convey prevention knowledge

* RAPP (Real AIDS Prevention Program)

Group level intervention

* Positive +

Education and Support group for HIV + Women

* HIV Education Prevention for Positives

HIV curriculum specific for those newly diagnosed or long term survivors that will address education around HIV. The program will provide science based education to help those infected better understand HIV. It is our goal that this information will lead to more informed decisions around treatment. We will use science based prevention and tools garnering understanding around the HIV life cycle, treatment, opportunistic infections, HIV immunology,

* SSMART (Sistas Strategically Mobilized Around Reproductive (justice) Together)

Advocacy Group

* Connect To Care Training

Addressing Unmet Needs in HIV trainings

To support the Afiya Center for HIV Prevention & Reproductive Justice, please visit their website:


About Sandra

Sandra Davis is a marketing communications professional and health educator, who is concerned about the health and well-being of women of color. Ms. Davis dons her red pumps to support her fellow sisters in the struggle against ignorance and HIV/AIDS. To have your HIV/AIDS organization featured please email Sandra at: [email protected]

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