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Resurrection of a Legend: Stigma

by Kara Carrell

Once Upon A Time there was a vivacious people living in the City Of Wind, who were being terrorized by The Evils Of Infection, and the All Powerful monster called The Stigma.’

The Stigma struck the people from the land with ignorance about their own bodies, and left Victims of The Evils of Infection cast from the land, with no one to turn to.

Some who saw their fellow people turned away with no where to go, and the Evils Of Infection, and The Stigma growing ever more powerful heard a call. a call to rise up and fight for the people of the land.

And So, a noble group was formed, a Group that set forth on a mission to Protect the vitality of the community, against the Evils of Infection, and The Stigma. Their Journey was difficult, but they knew saving the City of Wind would not be easy.

They started with providing those who were victimized by The Evils Of Infection with necessities and comfort they could no longer find within the walls of the land, and with every person they helped, the vitality of the city grew stronger.

Then, the noble group spread Beacons of Knowledge so when the Evils Of Infection threatened them, the people would defend themselves. and with every person they equipped, the great Evils Of Infection grew weak.

Still, with all the steps the noble group took, the vitality of the people grew bleak.

As The Stigma kept the people from believing in the power of the Beacons of Knowledge, and continued to overpower the people’s desire to welcome back the victims of the Evils of Infection.

Then a great darkness came when The Stigma took people from the land and formed a new group to help it take the vitality of the people, and destroy the city of wind, once and for all.

A Silence fell upon the people, preventing the Noble Group from finding and helping the Victims of the Evils of Infection, and the Noble Group grew thin, its members wary of the bleak road ahead. The Silence drew Grey the Beacons of Knowledge, and the Evils of Infection Grew Stronger, and moved swiftly among the community.

One Night, amidst the shadows of hopelessness, the Noble Group woke to a voice calling them to the streets, to find seeds strewn upon the ground. As they picked up the seeds, leaf buddings grew within their palms, reminding them of the vitality of the people they sat out to protect.

And the voice called out “Your mission is not over, you may have victory yet, But you must seek out those, like you, who know within themselves to carry the Vitality.

“How will we know who these people are?” asked a member of The Noble Group. and the voice called out.

Ay Vida?

“SI!” the group rang back, all of a sudden, as if the vitality itself was summoned from within.

And in celebration of their rekindled commitment to their mission, the Noble Group renamed themselves: Project Vida.

The Lesson: If you Ay Vida, say Si to supporting Project Vida by attending their “Resurrection of a Legend” Gala & Masquerade Ball on October 29, 2009 from 6-10 at The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.

Luvvie’s Note: The Red Pump Project will be in attendance at the ball. We’ll be the ones “Rocking the Red Pump.”

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