Kina Gunnels Rocks The Red Pump!

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Kina Gunnels Rocks The Red Pump!

I Rock the Red Pump for all those girls and women living with HIV/AIDS and to educate the rest of the girls and women of the world. I want to be a hand to hold, an ear to hear, and a shoulder to lean on for those battling this disease and for those who need to learn more about it so that the spread of this disease can be prevented. I Rock the Red Pump to even educate myself more about it. How can I be a help if I don’t know everything I can about it? This is a subject that most people don’t enjoy discussing but it needs to be talked about to stop the spread of one of the top killers in African American women.

Biography: A beautiful blogger, fabulous fashionista, and a humble humanitarian are only a few ways to describe Ms. Kina Gunnels. This Kansas City socialite owns the very chic KCity Coffee House & Wine Bar, keeps her audience informed on the latest fashions and trends via her site, actively volunteers with numerous organizations, and best of all Kina is still a fantastic wife and mother.

Thank You Kina For Rocking Your Red Pumps!

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The Red Pump Project
The Red Pump Project raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls, using a red pump as a symbol of empowerment.
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