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Organization Spotlight – AIDSCare

by Sandra Davis

Clue #1: What Chicago based HIV/AIDS Organization provides housing, health and substance abuse programs for its clients?

Clue 2: Dining Out for Life, is one of the signature fundraising events for this organization? 

If you said AIDSCare, then you are correct.

Reward yourself, go window shopping for your next pair of Red Pumps. Red Pump Divas can never have too many!


To bridge sickness to health, homelessness to permanent housing, and poverty to self-sufficiency for individuals and families overcoming life challenging conditions is the mission of AIDSCare Progressive Services. Jim Flosi created AIDSCare to combat both poverty and HIV/AIDS, in 1992. Seventeen years later, AIDSCare has provided housing, community and wellness services to more than 300 limited-income families, adults and homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Flosi continues to lead AIDSCare as its executive director.

In order to holistically fulfill its vision: To establish and maintain self-sustaining communities of individuals and families overcoming life challenging conditions such as AIDS, poverty, addiction, and homelessness; AIDSCare opened Garden View and Sawyer Gardens, two independent living facilities for individuals and families living HIV/AIDS. The Phoenix, a supportive living facility exclusively for formerly drug-addicted and disabled adults with HIV/AIDS, was later opened to further meet the needs of the community. 97% of AIDSCare residents are African American.

Here are some of the services AIDSCare provide its residents and clients:

Healthy Living Program

  • Basic HIV Education
  • Comprehension of Medications
  • HIV Medication and Mental Health Connection

Life Enhancement Program

  • Linking clients to educational opportunities
  • Counseling to improve and restore relationships
  • Instruction on how to improve communication to decrease conflicts
  • Self-esteem, Anger Management and Stress Management
  • Computer Literacy
  • Vocational Support

Sober Living Program

  • Substance-Use Education
  • Peer-to-Peer Services
  • Alcohol and drug-free social and recreational activities
  • Recovery Coaching or Mentoring

Tenant Relations Program

  • Paying rent on time
  • Being lease compliant
  • Communicating with property management
  • Remaining respectful to the property and its occupants
  • Knowing your responsibilities as tenants and community members

To volunteer or donate to AIDSCare please visit the website:

About Sandra
Sandra Davis is a marketing communications professional and health educator, who is concerned about the health and well-being of women of color. Ms. Davis dons her red pumps to support her fellow sisters in the struggle against ignorance and HIV/AIDS. To have your HIV/AIDS organization featured, please email Sandra at: [email protected]

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