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Meds That Extend Lives of HIV Patients Tied to Diabetes

HIV medicines and treatments have improved drastically over the years. It is now possible for anyone diagnosed with HIV/AIDS to live longer and healthier with the vast improvements that have taken place and are now available for HIV/AIDs patients.

Unfortunately, with the newer medicines and their remarkable ability to extend the lives of HIV patients, there is a new discovery that is a bit disappointing. According to an article on, medicines that are available to extend lives of HIV patients have now been linked to the cause of diabetes.

Many people with HIV develop a dangerous reaction to insulin resistance that lead to diabetes and heart disease. According to Researchers from Washington University School Of Medicine, “The culprit lies in the powerful drugs that prevent the development of AIDS and have extended the lives of many HIV patients, the researchers say. They hope the discovery will allow development of safer antiviral drugs.”

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  • suigeneris January 18, 2011, 12:02 pm

    My brother died from diabetic complications a few years ago and I always thought it came from his AIDS meds. This is important information to know.

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