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Red Pump Shoe Show in Dallas for World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is December 1, and to commemorate it, some of our ambassadors will be having events around the country. In Dallas, Shannon Gooden will be hosting the 2nd annual Shoe Show!

Shoe Show is Red Pump Dallas’ annual shoe design/decorating competition and reception in honor of World AIDS Day. The purpose of the event is to display creative talent while meeting the need for increased attention to HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention efforts in our community!

Red Pump Dallas Shoe Show

Contestants buy an ordinary pair of shoes (any type) and decorate them with whatever their imagination can bring to life. The shoes are turned in to one week before Shoe Show and displayed at the reception to be voted on by Shoe Show attendees. During the voting process, attendees enjoy live performances and entertainment, art, vendors, networking, light food and beverages and FREE HIV testing.

The designer of the shoes with the most votes wins a grand prize (to be determined)! Once a winner is selected, one vote will be drawn at random and patrons will have a chance to WIN the shoe they voted for!

Participation in the contest is free, but the winner is chosen by popular vote, so contestants are encouraged to invite family and friends.

This year’s Shoe Show will be on Friday, December 2, 2011 from 8-11pm at Studio Ninety Two (3720 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75202). Tickets are $10, and can be purchased HERE.

Proceeds will benefit The Red Pump Project and The AFIYA Center.

Rock your red pumps or red tie to show your support!

To participate in Shoe Show 2011 please email [email protected]!

To attend, get tickets at

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