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EMPOWERED Campaign Releases Video Discussion Guide


Earlier in the year, our friends at Greater Than AIDS announced a partnership with Alicia Keys that focused on women and girls. The campaign, EMPOWERED, has been generating a great deal of buzz as it focuses on sharing the stories of five women living with HIV from various backgrounds.

Approximately 280,000 people living with HIV in the US (1 in 4) are women. Women of color have been impacted pretty hard, as they account for the large majority of new infections occurring within this group.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, EMPOWERED promotes specific ways women are empowered in the face of HIV/AIDS:

  • EMPOWERED to know the facts about HIV/AIDS, including the impact of HIV on women
  • EMPOWERED to speak openly about HIV/AIDS with family, friends and others in our lives
  • EMPOWERED to protect ourselves and our loved ones
  • EMPOWERED to ask to be tested and to know doing so is an act of pride, not shame
  • EMPOWERED to live full and healthy lives and help prevent spread of disease if positive by staying on treatment

In addition to the materials already created, Greater Than AIDS released a 30-minute in-depth video and video discussion guide that community groups can go through on their own. It’s a great tool that we can use to engage the women that we know about this important topic. You can access the video here and the guide here.

To learn more about the EMPOWERED campaign, head on over to the Greater Than AIDS website. You can also view the video below.


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