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5 Things to Know About Red Pump’s Trademarks

It is our favorite time of the year here at The Red Pump Project. Our annual #RocktheRedPump campaign to commemorate National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March 10th) will kick off tomorrow! For the sixth year, we will encourage women everywhere to use their social platforms and help raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls.

We are always so excited by everyone’s support and willingness to #RocktheRedPump but there are some important things that we ask you to keep in mind concerning our nonprofit and the images and phrases we use.

In the past, we’ve discovered that individuals and groups not affiliated with Red Pump have hosted events while utilizing our name, tagline, and/or logo. When that happens, it causes confusion and can be a liability for us and the work that we do. Getting the credit (or blame) for something that we’re not a part of can be tricky.

So before we kick off our campaign, we would like to give you five things to keep in mind concerning the use of our logo and trademarks.

1. The Red Pump Project® is the name of our registered 501(c)3 organization and it is federally trademarked with the U.S Patents & Trademarks Office.

2. Rock the Red Pump® (#RocktheRedPump) is the federally trademarked name of our annual campaign as well as our organization’s tagline. In addition, our RED PUMP logo is a custom design protected by law. Usage of these marks outside of our campaign and without our express written permission is strictly prohibited.

This is our logo. Both the name of the organization AND that RED PUMP are trademarked.

This is our logo. Both the name of the organization AND that RED PUMP are trademarked.

3. One may not use our organization’s name, tagline or logo to fundraise (or have an event) for any entity that is not The Red Pump Project. Our tagline and name also cannot be used for in the promotion of any event that isn’t planned with or officially part of a partnership with The Red Pump Project.

For example: you cannot use “Rock the Red Pump” on a flyer for an event that isn’t organized by The Red Pump Project.

4. If you are ever confused about the usage of our marks, please email us at [email protected] for clarification.

5. If our marks are used in any fashion without our permission, we retain the right to request corrective action and/or to initiate legal action.

If you have any questions about our trademarks, please check out our “Trademarks and Disclaimers” page.

We are grateful for your support.

P.S. The only official Red Pump events, aside from the #RocktheRedPump campaign, being hosted for NWGHAAD are Red Pump Sunday (a faith-based initiative) and Cupcakes & Condoms events in Charlotte, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. Any other event that commemorates National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day using the marks of The Red Pump Project are doing so without our permission.

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