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Tickets On Sale for Chaka Khan Benefit Concert

“I’m every woman…”

There are many women in music that we celebrate for being timeless, talented, and fierce. When making that list of singers, it would be incomplete without adding Chicago’s own Chaka Khan. From her signature hair to her powerful voice, we love everything about her. That is why we were blown away when we were approached to be the beneficiary organization for a Chaka Khan concert in August.

MIM1L - Chaka Khan Promo Collateral (Full)

Yes, you read that right. On Saturday, August 9th, Chaka Khan will hit the stage at the Chicago Theatre and a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Red Pump Project and help us expand our programs both in Chicago and our ambassador cities.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster, so please join us for an evening of music and HIV awareness! We’re looking forward to seeing so many of our supporters that evening and, of course, the highlight for us will be Ms. Khan’s performance of this song below. We will be in the audience getting our lives – in red pumps (of course).

Special thank you to the team at Music is My 1st Love for this opportunity. To learn more about the mission of this company, check out their website.

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