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Creating Fun and Fabulous Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Crafts to Show Support for HIV/AIDS

By: LaShonda Wells, Contributing Writer

In March, we celebrated the 10th Annual National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day with a special blog post featuring Hydeia Broadbent. Last week, we headed to Washington D.C. for our 2nd Annual Red Summer Soiree: Brunching for a Cause. Created as a benefit to commemorate National HIV Testing Day, the afternoon was filled with social justice and empowerment, an awards presentation to two prominent women who lead, educate and raise awareness in the community, and much more.

At Red Pump, we understand the importance of promoting awareness and educating women and girls about the impact of HIV/AIDS. As research has shown, women and girls face significant challenges and barriers in getting the care they need once infected by HIV/AIDS. This is mainly due to gender related barriers, unhealthy and abusive relationships, or acts of violence.

For me, HIV/AIDS has had a significant impact on my family with two family members being infected. One, which succumbed to the disease due to fear, shame, and lack of treatment which all stemmed from what I believe, lack of education. This passion from my family inspired me to develop a blog and social media presence that shares my love for HIV/AIDS awareness, arts, crafts, fashion and much more.

Beyond March, we go above and beyond by making a statement with our red pumps. So, today in continuing our efforts we want to switch things up a bit and raise awareness by getting you involved with a fun and fabulous, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project.

DIY Awareness BroochIMG_6505 main blue jacket

Today, I want to share with you a cute and stylish way to “rock the red” with a super cute and easy DIY Awareness Brooch. Whether worn on a sweater or jacket, the brooch can be worn for any occasion. See below for directions to create your own.

Tools Needed 
• Awareness Ribbon and Pump Lollipop Mold (purchased from Etsy)
• Brooch Pin
• Polymer Clay (purchased from craft store)
• Modge Podge
• Cornstarch
• Red Felt Fabric
• Red Glitter
• Paint Brush
• Hot Glue Gun
• Scissors

1.) Using the paint brush, gently coat mold with cornstarch. This will help prevent clay from sticking to mold.

DIY Awareness Brooch 4

2.) Starting with small pieces, press and sculpt the clay into the mold.

DIY Awareness Brooch 2

3.) Once the clay is set to shape, gently remove from mold to keep the shape.

4.) Follow the directions on the clay package for baking and let the clay cool completely.

5.) Place the clay onto the felt, and trace the shape to make a smooth backing for the brooch to prevent snagging your clothing. Cut shape and set aside.

DIY Awareness Brooch 3

6.) Using the paint brush, apply a medium coat of Modge Podge and sprinkle heavily with glitter making sure it is coated evenly; let dry. A second coating may be needed.

DIY Awareness Brooch 5

DIY Awareness Brooch 1

7.) Using the glue gun, apply the felt backing to the back of the shaped clay.

DIY Awareness Brooch 6

DIY Awareness Brooch 8

8.) Using the glue gun, glue brooch pin to the felt backing.

DIY Awareness Brooch 7


DIY Awareness Brooch 9


DIY Awareness Brooch Main

Viola! Now you can make a statement by rocking your new shiny red glitter brooch.

Ways to “Rock the Red Brooch”

Wear your new Red Pump Brooch with a jacket or sweater

Wear your new Red Pump Brooch with a jacket or sweater

• Spruce up a blouse
• The lapel of a jacket
• Use it to close a cardigan
• Accent the neckline of a dress
• Accent the back of a jacket (this is super stylish if you will be turning your back during a presentation)

Just as a simple red pump can show off your style, this statement piece will surely turn heads. It’s the perfect way to bring awareness by sparking up a conversation and letting people know why you “Rock the Red.” So, grab a few of your girlfriends and get creative!

LaShonda Wells is the creator of A Bit Festive, a blog focused on creating everyday happiness through a crafty lifestyle. The blog is full of recipes, do-it-yourself projects, style, and party ideas. LaShonda also runs a stationary business, which started in 2008 and assisted in the development of a beverage company in 2011. She received a degree in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising, and can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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