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There’s Nothing Sexier than Being Sexually Healthy

Being sexy makes a women feel special, confident and comfortable in her own skin.

It’s one of many first thoughts in the morning. Does this blouse look right? Are these shoes matching? Do I need a different eyeshadow? Whatever question is asked, just know it’s a part of every women’s mental sexiness.

In addition to feeling sexy on the outside – we have to be even sexier on the inside. 

There has been more than 44 percent of sexually active African American women (ages 15 – 21) who have not been screened annually for chlamydia, which when left undiagnosed and untreated, is a leading cause of preventable infertility.

As you can imagine, that’s not sexy at all.

This alarming rate, has stirred a great initiative among the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH) to issue a call-to-action to increase the uptake of essential preventive sexual health care services in the African American community.

Now available at no to low cost, women and men can access recommended sexual health services including HPV vaccine, female contraceptives (i.e., IUD, implant and pill), pap smears, and screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as chlamydia and HIV.

One of the key goals of this initiative is to encourage Americans to get recommended screening for HIV and other STDs. If detected early, most STDs can be easily cured, or effectively managed. Unfortunately, when it comes to HIV, 1/3 of diagnoses are made late. But, if HIV is detected early, treatment is much more effective, and people can live longer and healthier lives.

So, the next time you think of your sexy exterior, remember you’re even more sexy when you and your partner have been tested. Make your health matter and combat the stigma.

Helpful Resources:  

  1. To check out the full release announcing the NCSH initiative, click here or the guide here.
  2. For more information on how to access recommended services with or without health insurance, view this tip sheet.
  3. If you are interested in finding HIV and STI testing locations, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Get Tested website for information here.

Veronica Appleton is a marketing professional and contributing writer for the Red Pump Project in Chicago, IL. Visit Veronica’s website, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn  for more information. 

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