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A Letter from our Chicago-based Founders

Determined to combine our love of shoes with our passion for fighting HIV/AIDS, we launched The Red Pump Project. Over the years, we have been blessed to meet and gain the support of so many individuals and organizations committed to fighting the epidemic in communities across the country. However, Chicago is where we call home and it is where our organization was born. While our city has seen some progress in the fight against HIV, there is still plenty of work to be done. We continue to educate ourselves – and each community – in settings free of stigma and shame. We hope that you will join us in this journey and look forward to seeing you at a future event.

With Love,
Karyn & Luvvie

  • The HIV prevalence rate in Chicago is three times greater than the national rate, while new HIV infections and AIDS diagnosis rates are both at least double.
  • Among women, heterosexual contact accounted for nearly 9 in 10 (86%) of all HIV infection diagnoses in 2011. In the same year, 74% of new female HIV infections were among African-American women.
  • In Chicago, women account for 17.6% of those diagnosed with HIV.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 (19.7%) of women diagnosed in 2011 were between the ages of 13-24.
Signature Events

Rock the RED Fashion Show (March) – This annual fashion is a celebration of local designers as well as a woman in the community who has dedicated herself to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Behind the RED Curtains (December) –This is an evening of sharing stories and performance works that involve life, struggles, and even the humor behind lives affected by HIV/AIDS.

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