The Red Pump Project closed its doors.

Cupcakes & Condoms


About Cupcakes & Condoms

Talking about sexual and reproductive health doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating! With our signature Cupcakes & Condoms program, we serve up this all-important dialogue about the prevention of HIV and STIs, surrounded by delectable treats and delicious conversation.

When attending a Cupcakes & Condoms event, come ready to hear from health experts in a friendly and relaxed environment. This is us putting a sweet spin on an educational town hall, by creating a safe space that encourages women and girls to ask questions and get the information they need to take the right steps to protect their health. From female condom demos to free on-site HIV testing (in select markets), we want you leave informed and inspired!

In addition to our programs, our signature events commemorate major
HIV awareness days throughout the year, bringing people together to show that

Awareness is Always in Style!