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A Letter from our Dallas Ambassador

goody-300x3001-2xj5aj6d5cdjmyb6e518u8Becoming a Red Pump Ambassador gives me the opportunity to bolster the work that I was already doing in the fight to get us to an AIDS-free generation. I’m determined to destroy stigma and reduce high risk behaviors and I’ve been in red pumps every step of the way. I’m proud of the awareness efforts and testing drives that The Red Pump Project has helped create and execute. I’m excited about what has already been done and ecstatic for what we’re about to do in Dallas to empower women and communities that are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Goody Goode-Howard

  • In 2012, it was estimated that about 15,000 people were living with HIV/AIDS in Dallas County, representing an increase of 62% over the past 10 years.
  • From 2008 through 2011, 33.8% of all newly diagnosed persons in Dallas County progressed to a concurrent AIDS diagnosis within 12 months of initial HIV diagnosis.
  • Case rates remain disproportionately higher in African Americans, similar to trends observed in larger urban areas in the US.
  • African-American women make up 71% of women living with HIV in Dallas County.
  • Black women in Dallas County are almost eight times more likely to be infected with HIV, than their White or Hispanic counterparts.
  • In 2012, 55% of new HIV diagnoses were in persons less than 35 years of age.
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