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A Letter from our DC Ambassador

menina-2xibp5zpp4u3f37s105lhcGreeting from Red Pump DC,
Often times I’ve been asked why I am advocating for HIV/AIDS Awareness. At first I didn’t have a definite answer, but after learning more about HIV and its impact on women and girls I told myself that I have to serve. I must do my part, so in 2009, I joined Red Pump and have been committed ever since.

I am honored to be leading our presence in DC and hope that our events and programs will encourage continuous HIV awareness and testing. It’s important to continue to talk about this issue to debunk the existing stigmas. I look to the future of one day ending HIV.

Brittani Menina

  • Blacks make up just under half of District residents, but account for more than three quarters of all HIV cases.
  • Black women with heterosexual contact as mode of transmission represent the second largest group (18%) of persons newly diagnosed with HIV in the District.
  • The highest rates of newly diagnosed HIV cases are located in the southeast corner of the District, in Wards 5, 7 and 8, where roughly 1 in every 100 residents were diagnosed with HIV in the past five years.


Signature Events

The Red Summer Soiree (June) – A benefit brunch in commemoration of National HIV Testing Day

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