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Our mission is to promote HIV prevention through education, and open dialogue about the issues that surround sexual and reproductive health. We do work online and on the ground to motivate action and encourage dialogue about the effects of the disease. Below are some of our programs.

Cupcakes & Condoms

Putting a sweet spin on an important conversation, Cupcakes & Condoms connects women and girls with information they need in a relaxed setting. Attendees are treated to delicious desserts while health experts guide sessions about sexual and reproductive health.

Mother-Daughter Real Talk Workshops

These workshops aim to create a safe space where mothers (and mother figures) and daughters can engage in open dialogue about risk behaviors and the significance of making healthy lifestyle decisions that lead to the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Red Pump Girls’ Night In

We know that the best conversations usually happen during girls’ night in, which is why we have developed a workshop that can be delivered in-home to smaller groups of women. These workshops include educational information and interactive Q&A sessions that are designed to stimulate thought and encourage action.

Red Pump Empowerment Manual

Every plan of action needs a blueprint. The empowerment manual not only provides facts about HIV/AIDS but also tips for advocating for self-respect and the right to make informed decisions about your health.