The Red Pump Project closed its doors.

Red Pump Stories

Have you or someone you know been affected by HIV/AIDS? Are you interested in sharing your story as a way to inspire others? Be a part of our initiative: Red Pump Stories.

Red Pump Stories is a collaborative effort to document the narratives, struggles, and successes of women living with HIV/AIDS, or affected by the epidemic in a major way. The goal is to put faces to the epidemic, allowing women to tell their stories and share their lessons, therefore inspiring others.

Red Pump Stories will help us further our mission to decrease the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, and allow us to stand with women who are living with it or have been affected by it. If HIV affects one of us, it affects us all. Anyone interested in providing a story, getting involved, or needing more information can email us at stories at redpump dot org. Please include your name and phone number. If you are ready to submit your story, you can do so below.